Five Practically Waste Free Actions

There is a part of me that loves the idea of taking a week and donating the majority of my material possessions, never buying a packaged food item again, and never buying anything new again (other than socks, shoes, and unmentionables). Then there is the practical side that recognizes that I don’t have a week to go through my entire house, I don’t live here alone, and currently I don’t have the resources to buy completely package-free food. And so here I am, taking baby steps.

  1. Fixed window blinds that were broken instead of replacing.
  2. Contacted Trader Joe’s and ended delivery of the Fearless Flyer. If you want to unsubscribe, use this link. You can also sign up for e-delivery if you are interested.
  3. Saved the Fearless Flyer that just came in the mail to attempt to make paper pots for garden seedlings.
  4. Contacted Twinings Tea of London and asked them to stop using individual, foil-lined packets for their tea. I can’t say their response was incredibly encouraging but I will vote with my dollars and buy a different brand from now on. I enjoy peppermint tea most mornings and hope to eventually grow my own peppermint.
  5. For some reason I picked up a bookmark-sized flyer at the library for an event that I am not attending. I used the flyer to make origami decorations for a birthday card. Must make a habit of not picking up random bits of paper when I am out.
Five Practically Waste Free Actions

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