In years past I have slowly begun transitioning to experience and homemade gifts. Experience gifts are great. A trip to a museum, a day at the park with a picnic, tickets to see a movie, a gift certificate to the local theater to see a play or musical, or tickets to a baseball game make amazing gifts especially when they are coupled with the gift of your attendance on the special day.

I am also partial to homemade gifts. Just today I shipped out a handknit gift and a homemade card, wrapped in a reusable fabric gift bag, packaged in a mailer saved from a previous delivery. Not entirely waste free but I would say it is practically waste free.

What do you do to keep gift giving practically waste free?


2 thoughts on “Gifts

  1. Nadine says:

    Experience gifts are so much better than material gifts; I don’t know how more people don’t realize this!

    I had frustrations over Christmas because everything I found was just “stuff”, so I decided to make my gifts because I enjoy making body products, etc. I made mint sugar scrub, lip balm, and Salzteig (salt dough ornaments). My family members were very happy to receive those.

    A girlfriend of mine last summer brought me a big wicker basket full of her own grown vegetables for my bridal shower gift, and another brought me home canned peaches, and herbs that she grew and dried herself; it was incredible. Food gifts for the win!


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