I love books. I read constantly and everyone is happier if I am in the midst of a good book or, even better, a series. I read everything from kid’s books to adult mysteries and chick lit to nonfiction. Needless to say I own more than a few books. Once during a cross country move the mover commented that my move was similar to a library they’d once moved; lots of small, heavy boxes.
Growing up I relied on books to make things better. I wish I could write a thank you to every author of every book that made growing up easier. Back then I was a chronic re-reader. I am fairly certain there were books the library kept in circulation only because I checked them out so often. Going on a weekend or week-long trip my backpack would be filled with library books, many which I had already read several times.
Then I left home and went to college and read a lot for class but not much for fun. A summer or two later I returned to the library, nostalgic to check out some old friends and … they were gone (see, I really was the one keeping them in circulation). I was crushed.
Several years later, my beloved books not forgotten, I found myself at Powell’s with some money and some spare room in my suitcase and lo and behold, several of my old friends were there. I brought them home and read them and tucked them on my shelf, comforted that we were together again.
I still have those books and I still read them once a year or so. I also have many other books that I have enjoyed but don’t see myself ever re-reading. Time to let them go! So  where do I take my books to be re-homed?
  1. A local bookstore that buys back used books for store credit. I often use the store credit to buy books to give as gifts.
  2. Friends of the Library. My library, and most that I have been in, has an ongoing used book sale as that supports the library and the many programs it offers.
  3. The hospital. Our local hospital has a small library where families and patients can take books (or leave them).
  4. Little Free Library. I see these tiny libraries popping up in neighborhoods more and more, and what’s not to love about neighbors sharing books!
Now I buy books I know I will read and re-read. I also take full advantage of our library, both brick-and-mortar and online. Online is great because I can check out a book from home and it is automatically returned, thus saving me the overdue fine. For pure browsing pleasure, though, there is nothing like taking a trip to the library and wandering the stacks.
So how do you re-home your books?

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