Combating Food Waste Using My Freezer

A big part of being practically waste free comes down to the kitchen. Packaging, ordering out, and of course, food waste. Food waste is a huge problem and something I am really working to combat in my own kitchen. One way I am combating food waste is making use of my freezer.

Five things I keep in my freezer


The other night I took 20 minutes and smashed the cloves from 4 heads of garlic, peeled them, and stuck them in the freezer. Now when I need a clove or two for dinner I just grab them from the freezer and either mince them throw them in whole, whatever the recipe calls for.


I used to buy ginger, carve off a bit and then the rest would shamefully languish in the fridge. Now I bring the ginger home, immediately peel it, chop it, and store chunks of it in the freezer. It zests and chops easily without defrosting. Or just drop the ginger in some hot water with a touch of sweetener for a tasty beverage.

Soup veg

Chopping vegetables for soup? Chop enough for the next batch too.

Bits and pieces

A piece of bread gone stale or a banana about to go bad? Half an onion languishing in the fridge? Into the freezer it goes.

Leftovers for lunch

Just can’t face one more day of that casserole? Not enough leftover to feed everyone? Throw it in the freezer and use it for lunch in a week or two when it once again appeals.

I am not perfect and food does get wasted, but this is progress in the right direction!

What tips do you have for using the freezer to combat food waste?

Combating Food Waste Using My Freezer

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