Practically Waste Free Actions

  1. Revived some limp celery by sticking it in cold water. It was crisp again in just 20 minutes.
  2. Took plastic bags saved from frozen foods to the dog-poop-bag station at the entrance to my local park. I am working on being plastic-bag-free but can at least make sure the plastic bags I do have get reused.
  3. Peeled 6lbs of potatoes that were starting to go. I roasted enough for a couple of meals, threw some in a chickpea curry, and cut and froze the rest for soup.
  4. Had a clean bill of health at the dentist. I believe maintaining our best health keeps the Earth healthy, and a healthy Earth keeps us healthy.
  5. Enjoyed a walk in a local park instead of driving to one farther away.
Practically Waste Free Actions

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