Month of Paper

Paper. Honestly, I love paper. I love to fold origami, make cards and stationary, and write with a pencil in an actual notebook. What I can’t stand is the extraneous paper that makes it’s way into my house on a near daily basis. Catalogs, credit card offers, billing statements, store fliers, and envelopes full of coupons I will never use. All of these things come, uninvited, into my mailbox. I have been slowly working to remove my name from mailing lists to reduce the amount of junk we receive. I have also been working to stem the tide of random papers and receipts that enter the house from the doctor, the library, and the grocery store. But now it is time to get serious.

March is going to be my Month of Paper. I have a filing cabinet that needs weeding out and organizing, paper billing statements that can be sent digitally, more mailing lists to deal with, and a general need to purge my house of extra paper. No longer will half of my mail go directly to recycling or shredding and no longer will I have a stack of paper To Deal With Later sitting by the phone.

Anyone care to join me?

Month of Paper

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