Practically Waste Free Actions

As I mentioned in my previous post, this month I am getting serious about the paper that is invading nearly every surface of my house (not literally, but it certainly feels like it). While I deal with removing the paper that is already in the house, I am working on keeping more paper from coming in the house.

  1. I have started tackling the filing cabinet. More room in there means not having to buy more storage “solutions.” I shredded one entire folder today … and it felt good!
  2. Removed my address from two mailing lists that just send out coupons and store flyers. I look forward to the day when I’m not recycling most of my mail.
  3. I am in the midst of patching 5 pairs of my kids’ pants. I let them pick the shape of the patch and then they are more of a decoration than a patch.
  4. I parted ways with a bunch of stuff that was still living at my parents’ house instead of wasting the packing and shipping to have it sent to me. Thanks for your help Mom!
  5. Am rooting some cuttings from houseplants I already own. More plants means cleaner indoor air.
Practically Waste Free Actions

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