Book Review: Quiltmaker’s Gift

Photo by Practically Waste Free Living

If you aren’t familiar with The Quiltmaker’s Gift, by Jeff Brumbeau, get thee to a library posthaste! This is one of my all time favorite books. The quiltmaker is an almost magical woman who lives high on a mountain and makes quilts only for the poor or needy, she would never sell one of her beautiful quilts. A greedy, unhappy king finds out about the quiltmaker and demands she sew a quilt for him. She refuses unless he gives away all of his many treasures. This is a great book for introducing the idea of crafting for charity and minimalism.

The illustrations are in no way secondary to the story, in fact they tell as much of the story as the written words (as they should in any good picture book). They show many different quilt patterns and are just lovely.

Admittedly I have a soft spot for picture books, but this is a book that transcends age and, in my opinion, is a must read!

Book Review: Quiltmaker’s Gift

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