At Random

  • I made beans again in my pressure cooker instead of using canned. I forgot how much I prefer home cooked beans (I also forgot how long to cook said beans and they were a tad … squishy).
  • I have plastic bags of frozen vegetables in my freezer and I am trying to figure out how to loose the bags and keep the large amount of vegetables we eat. Even the fresh vegetables at our grocery store are wrapped in plastic. Can’t wait to put the garden in and head to the farmer’s market.
  • I started looking into pressure canning to put up fruits and vegetables from the upcoming season but honestly, canning scares me because if done badly there is that little issue of, well, toxic spores.
  • I know all of the things I think I can’t live without or change, I really can. I have changed before when I went vegetarian then full-on plant based. I can certainly change to use less and create less waste.
  • I am constantly amazed that I can usually find what I need right in my own house. Is this a sign of having too much (yes!) or that I am using things more creatively (hopefully this too).
  • I read a book that mentions “pantloads of tacos” and now I can’t help wondering how many tacos constitute “pantloads.”
At Random

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