Practically Waste Free Actions

  1. Made homemade spring rolls and peanut sauce and chocolate cake to celebrate a family birthday.
  2. Re-reading a book already on my shelf.
  3. Bought an experience gift (an online class) for said birthday. We already do practical gifts for birthdays and holidays … working toward experience gifts now.
  4. I am working on a menu plan to help use what food I have and also waste less food. I also hope that by menu planning I can purchase more in bulk and reduce packaging (I don’t currently have bulk bins where I shop but do buy 25 lb bags of beans and flour and have an email in to the company to ensure that the bags are paper as they appear and not plastic so I can appropriately dispose of them.).
  5. Cutting 9 year old bath mat in half to make two. The mat has always been too big for our small bathroom and it takes ages to dry. Instead of buying a new one, now I will have two that fit the space.
Practically Waste Free Actions

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