Paying for Change

Currently I am working to implement some new habits and change some old habits. Right now these revolve around more healthful eating, as well as exercising more, to hopefully make a chronic health issue a nonissue. So I am paying myself to change.

What? Paying myself?? Yup. And so far it seems to be working.

How does it work? I don’t know about habits taking 27 days to form or anything like that. There are so many differing opinions on how to form good habits and get rid of or change old habits that it makes my head spin. I just know what is working for me, right now! I have a list of the habits I would like to change and new ones that I would like to form. I have applied a small monetary amount (a few cents) to each habit. If on any given day I am successful with my habit, I pay myself. I don’t have a money jar, or anything like that, and eventually the money will all be donated to charity. Right now I just keep a running list of the date and what habits I performed successfully. Met my exercise goal, a few cents, ate according to plan, a few more cents. Knowing that I am supporting a charity helps me succeed.

I’m not sure why this works or if it would work for anyone else, but so far it is; I am doing my exercises and I am eating better. A few more weeks and I will add in some practically waste free goals.

What helps you make changes in your habits?


Paying for Change

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