Market Soup: Potato Leek

I love the market. The fresh vegetables, the fruit, the handmade crafts, all of it! Sometimes there is live music and the smell of the prepared food venders always makes me hungry. This weekend was no exception. We picked up fresh tulips, a bunch of pussy willows (Happy Dyngus Day to you all!), leeks, potatoes, and apples. A lovely day and lovely produce.

Have you ever compared store potatoes with fresh, local potatoes? Fresh potatoes have a good snap when you cut into them and they smell earthy. They might even have actual soil still clinging to their peels. They are an absolute delight to cook with, and one of my favorite things to make is Potato Leek Soup. I’ll share what I do but it can hardly be called a recipe and the amount of vegetables can vary to taste or amount needed.

Cut 3 leeks into a fairly small chop, cube 5 potatoes, and cut 4 carrots into thin rounds. Add the leek, potato, and carrot to a large pot. Cover with water, add 1-2 tsp of salt. Simmer until veggies are tender, add black pepper to taste, and enjoy!

This soup was the perfect end to a slightly over sweetened holiday.

Have a wonderful start to your week!

Market Soup: Potato Leek

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