Baby Steps

I have been taking a lot of baby steps toward being zero waste. Removing my name from catalog lists, reducing and working to eliminate food waste, composting, etc., but do these baby steps really add up? Does it make a difference if I stop chewing gum? What if I grab a cotton dishcloth instead of a paper towel? Will the environment notice if Little Old Me uses a little less water and re-wears the same shirt 300 times instead of 30?

I have to believe these small steps matter if only because when I make small changes I generally succeed; when I make big changes I tend to fly and die.

So when I look back on the week and see we are slowly switching from boxed and packaged cereal to homemade breakfast, I feel I know how it must be to turn one of those giant container ships. It takes the time it takes but in the end you’ve accomplished your goal.

Baby Steps

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