Practically Waste Free Actions

  1. Made homemade crackers for the first time thanks to a friend convincing me that I couldn’t really mess them up. Considering they were all eaten within an hour (I had considerable help) I’d say they were a hit. My diabolical plan to slowly replace most of our store bought items with homemade may work yet.
  2. Spent many hours outside over the weekend, including some time on the water. The more time I spend outside, the more committed I am to making good choices.
  3. Shopped for produce at the farmer’s market and, despite not bringing enough bags, I got it all home without any plastic.
  4. Made Gingerbread Scones for breakfast instead of boxed cereal.
  5. I continue to wash on cold, compost, eat leftovers (some minor fails here but it is a process), and leave the car parked more often than not.
  6. I stopped chewing gum for the month of April. A minor action but gum is really nothing but waste from the wrapper to the actual gum (which is apparently now made of plastic??).

**In the Totally Missing The Point category, I emailed a company with a recommendation regarding excessive packaging and, while they never responded to my recommendation, they did just email to let me know that in the mail I will be receiving some coupons.

Practically Waste Free Actions

5 thoughts on “Practically Waste Free Actions

  1. Deborah Ray says:

    It’s great to read about this great progress you’re making! I made homemade crackers once or twice ( before getting lazy, but maybe I should give it another go and try more recipes. It wasn’t even that difficult. Also, congrats on making it a whole month without gum. That was one of the hardest changes I’ve made so far in my efforts to reduce waste and unnecessary plastic. Just had to keep thinking about how gross it is to chew on a wad of flavored plastic.


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