Line Drying

Last year my husband made an amazing clothes drying rack. It is a large wooden frame strung with clothes line and it holds a ton of laundry. I don’t line dry outside because of pollen allergies in our house so I thought I would line dry in the basement.

I line dried for a month or two and it worked really well aside from the not-so-minor fact that the clothes ended up smelling like … basement. Our basement actually doesn’t smell musty but our clothes did. Needless to say it has put me off line drying.

So our energy hog dryer continues to weigh on me a bit each time I dry a load, so I am going to give line drying another try with a couple of adjustments

  • Smaller loads (I habitually overload our washer, I know).
  • Better spacing of clothes on the rack. I have been recovering from a back injury and I know I was hanging a lot on the top rows just to avoid tweaking my back. I think airflow is the name of the game here.
  • Clearing the detritus in the clothes rack area. There are definitely some areas of clutter in that part of the basement and anything that would help with airflow would help with drying time.

If all else fails I will try moving the drying rack closer to the dehumidifier (without which our basement would most definitely have a musty basement smell).

I read a tip that suggested using a strong smelling detergent but, aside from the fact that perfumes would just cover up the problem, I am an unscented girl through and through.

Any other tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated.


Line Drying

2 thoughts on “Line Drying

  1. I am SO with you about things being UNscented! Clean has a neutral smell, not covered up. I also have MCS so that would explain it all. (If you’ve not heard of it just google Multiple Chemical Sensitivity).


  2. I am aware of MCS and totally understand the need for unscented! I have a super sensitive sense of smell (probably the worst superhero superpower you could imagine) and anything strong or chemically smelling is totally off limits in our house.


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