Practically Waste Free Actions

  1. I am still gum free. I know this isn’t epic but it is a comfort thing I have given up and I’m fairly pleased with myself for having gone this long. Maybe next will be chocolate chips … now that would be epic.
  2. I made chickpea curry for dinner with fresh asparagus, homemade tortillas, and rice. Definitely a practically waste free meal with leftovers for tomorrow.
  3. I am testing the dig and drop method of trench composting. Any sort of open trench would be seen as an invitation for any and all rodents and raccoons, so I dug a hole and buried my composting under 12 inches of soil. So far so good.
  4. I decluttered some debris from high school.
  5. The hiking boots I wear when gardening are from 1998 and are still great boots. I love things that are made to last!!


Practically Waste Free Actions

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