At Random

  • I have tried the dig and drop method of composting 3 times so far and so far no creatures have come calling. Fingers crossed that this continues to be the case.
  • We had a very dry season last year which seemed to drive the deer out of the woods and into our backyard. They ate some tomato plants with little damage, some leaves from the blueberry bush, and they twice striped the leaves from some apple saplings my oldest is growing from seed. I read that deer are repelled by human hair so hair trimmings are going in the garden and around the trees (if it doesn’t work it will at least compost … though guests may wonder why our blueberry bush has a toupee).
  • Enjoyed all of the great John Muir quotes on his birthday.
  • I will celebrate Earth Day by not picking up one of the many free reusable bags that will be around. Earth friendly is having just enough of what you need and not more … and I have enough bags (I have some hemp grocery bags that hold a good amount and wear like iron. I have some cheap ones with a store logo on them and they have holes).
  • My toothpaste tube is nearly empty and I am trying to decide what to use to brush my teeth. I am rather dentist phobic (I do get regular cleanings and dental care and am grateful that I can … dental work just freaks me out) so am really a bit nervous about switching from traditional toothpaste to something else (Dr. Bronners?).


At Random

2 thoughts on “At Random

  1. I use Tom’s fluoride free toothpaste. I have a compost bin that is supposed to be turned each day, but I never got the hang of it. Do I add dirt? I remember throwing a cauliflower head in there and thought, there must be more in there that just THAT! Lol


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