From the Market

Some treats from the market today included apples, turnips, asparagus, potatoes, and leeks. I tend to bring home fresh produce without a plan and, while we do a good job of eating it, today I decided to process it while waiting for people to come in for lunch.

The asparagus I washed, snapped off the ends, and stood in water until it was time to roast for dinner.

The apples went into a cleaned out crisper drawer where they await this week’s lunches.

The turnip greens were removed (yes I know we can eat the greens but we don’t care for them … I have been shamed multiple times about this at the market) and the turnips were put in a large bowl for the fridge. We eat these raw with hummus.

The leeks were washed and chopped, the potatoes were peeled and cut, and I made Potato Leek Soup to have for lunches.

The peels and trimmings all were composted in the garden using the dig and drop method of composting (dig a hole, drop in food scraps, cover them over).

I feel more organized and am less likely to waste produce when I prep it as soon as it is through the door; I just have to get my lazy bones on it each week!

Happy Monday!



From the Market

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