Practically Waste Free Actions

So, this hasn’t felt like a super successful week on the waste free front but I have been making some progress.

  1. Researching deodorant options as I am on my last container of deodorant.
  2. I read an article that mentioned good intentions don’t get the job done, so make a plan. So I am making a plan to tackle my waste free goals.
  3. I am pondering going sans toothpaste and have tried it a few times. If I brush really well, my teeth feel just as clean … just not as minty fresh. As an aside, isn’t it amazing how corporations can make us associate clean teeth with the taste of mint?
  4. I am learning to unicycle. This may not seem like a waste free action but it falls under the category of “using what you already own” and, yes, I own a unicycle that I have yet to master. So fun!
  5. Still not chewing gum. I just keep telling myself it is chewing on plastic and I am no longer tempted.

Care to share what waste free actions you’ve been up to?

Practically Waste Free Actions

2 thoughts on “Practically Waste Free Actions

  1. I use coconut oil as deodorant for months now. No oil left on clothes that I noticed. This is the second time recently that I heard that chewing gum is now really plastic. :O And I read somewhere that a dentist said that toothpaste isn’t really needed as long as we brush well. đŸ™‚ Great post with great points!


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