Five Things

I always like knowing a little about the people who write the blogs I read, so today I thought I would share a few bits about myself.

  1. I loathe shopping. Admittedly, this is a definite advantage when it comes to waste free living. I’m not fighting with myself to avoid the mall because I would prefer it not even exist.
  2. I’ve been vegetarian since 1997 and totally plant based since 2008.
  3. I love toast. I love cinnamon and sugar on my toast as well as jam. Garlic toast is my favorite savory toast. I even find the word “toast” comforting. I adore sourdough toast but am scared of having a sourdough starter.
  4. I drink herbal tea every morning. Usually peppermint.
  5. I eloped in a national park. So fun!!



Five Things

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