A generous neighbor set out several flower pots for free this morning and six of them made their way to our house. I have several indoor plants rooting that need homes and we have plans to keep a few more outside. A little scrub to remove the moss and we will be set to go.

I wish more people set things out for free instead of tossing them.


3 thoughts on “Free

  1. Jennifer C says:

    In my neighborhood, there are a decent number of things that people set out for free. A few problems I see from this are a lot of it gets damaged when it rains (or from wind or reckless people) and the City picks up (and takes to the dump) once a week anything that set out, so stuff gets tossed before someone who needs it sees it. So I usually try to take to a charitable thrift store or post on a neighborhood group what I want to give away, so it can be picked up undamaged.

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    1. I agree that not everything can be put out for free. Something like flowerpots (outdoor stuff) works well for a free pile. The occasional piece of stuffed furniture I see out … not so much. Our garbage pickup only takes what is in your bin so no problems with that sort of mix up.


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