Practically Waste Free Actions

  1. I am drastically reducing my paper towel usage (hoping to meet my goal) but I have yet to figure out how to oil/season my cast iron without a paper towel so I cut one paper towel into four pieces and use a piece as needed.
  2. My socks are a mess. They are thin, the elastic is fairly shot, and my always cold feet are longing for some toasty warm socks. In an effort to keep my feet warm and my heating bill lower I am knitting my own socks.
  3. Made my own hand spray with alcohol and a little lavender oil. I used this to refill a spray bottle I have refilled many times.
  4. I had a hankering for something to go with a pot of lentil barley soup last night so I made some spelt bread from scratch.
  5. We started refinishing an old hutch to use for an extra cupboard in the kitchen. It needs sanding and painting and a little glue but it should fit the bill nicely.
Practically Waste Free Actions

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