At Random

  1. I am pleased with the progress I am making on my goals. I still need to clean out my clothes line and hang some wash, and camp out, but I am doing well with my chocolate challenge and am really reducing my paper towel usage. The garden is also planted, though I do have a few seeds to plant. Is planting ever really done?
  2. Vanilla ice cream with a sprinkling of coffee grounds (fresh, not used!) is delicious. Is this waste free? Probably not. The coffee roaster lets us refill bags, so that reduces waste, however, our ice cream has to be dairy free and I can only find dairy free in cartons. I need to find a dairy free ice cream recipe that is low waste!
  3. I am still toothpaste free and my teeth still feel clean. Admittedly I miss the minty fresh taste after brushing with toothpaste but I will get used to it. Also I planted mint in my vegetable garden years ago (mistake! take it from me, mint needs boundaries and would make a good container plant) so I can just chew on a leaf if I am in need of a mint fix.
  4. I started cleaning out a box of papers (still more paper to be dealt with) and can’t imagine why most of it is saved other than I just didn’t have the time to deal with it at the time it went in the box.
  5. I wish I knew how to keep the neighborhood cats from doing their personal business in my vegetable garden and peeing in my garage. I’ve heard, “Get a dog.” already. Any other tips?
At Random

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