A lot of time can be spent talking about what we give up to be waste free. Some argue that in a quest to be waste free we give up the convenience of buying ready made cleaning products, the ease of prepared food, as well as our time as we make our cleaning products, prepare our meals, and wash our reusables.

I ran into the same arguments against using cloth diapers. I once read an article in which the writer stated they didn’t use cloth diapers because of the time it would take to wash them. They would rather spend that time with their kids.

I loved cloth diapers for their very convenience. If I was running low on diapers we just ran a load of wash while we were upstairs playing instead of packing everyone into the car for a run to the store. I also found they worked much better than disposables. Actually cloth diapers deserve a post of their own!

Just like with cloth diapers, I am finding the positives of the waste free journey are far outweighing any negatives. I have used vinegar, baking soda, and Dr. Bronner’s to clean for years and they work great, are easy to buy in bulk, and I don’t get headaches from chemical perfumes added for that “clean” smell. I can also clean with my kids because I don’t have to worry about keeping them safe from nasty chemicals.

Another positive is time spent outdoors. The more I strive for waste free it seems the more I crave being outside.

Today, for example, started with a stressful appointment, so after the appointment we went for a walk around a waterfall. It was beautiful! I wish I could bottle the smell of moist earth, pine, and waterfall spray. What can get more positive than that!


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