Five Selfish reasons to compost

I like composting for many reasons. Yes, it enriches the soil for growing plants and diverts food waste from the landfills, which is good for all of us, but here are five selfish, just-for-me reasons I compost

  1. I hate taking out the trash. The more I compost the fewer times the trash has to go out. In all honesty it isn’t my job to take out the trash, but I loathe it the few times the task falls to me. You might wonder why I don’t object to taking out a bowl of the day’s compost … One of life’s mysteries I suppose.
  2. I have a crazy powerful sense of smell and I can’t stand stinky trash. Compost = stink free garbage.
  3. I am a plant-it-and-forget-it kind of gardener. I’ll pull some weeds and water but I don’t like to use or smell  (see #2) synthetic fertilizers. Composting right in the garden with the dig and drop method allows me to continue to be a lazy gardener.
  4. Coffee grounds spread in the garden is supposed to be a cat deterrent, and I like anything that prevents seemingly all of the neighborhood cats from using my garden as a litter box (P.S., I like cats, I just wish they would use their own yard for such personal matters).
  5. It eases my guilt. Yes, I have food waste guilt, and I should. We in developed nations waste a shameful amount of food. My family does not shy away from leftovers and we stay on top of our food waste pretty well but there is still waste. Selfishly, my guilt is eased a bit if I compost the waste instead of tossing it in the garbage.
Five Selfish reasons to compost

3 thoughts on “Five Selfish reasons to compost

  1. Deborah Ray says:

    Great list! For me #1 is no mystery. I’ve been waking up a bit late in the morning and don’t want to deal with putting the bin out on trash day. (We don’t put it out the evening before because we live on a fairly busy street.) I can take the compost out to the backyard at anytime.

    My own favorite part about composting is to marvel at how much it decreases in volume. I keep thinking I’m going to have to build another compost bin for my yard waste, but then gradually magic happens and I can just read a book instead. 🙂


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