Goals Update

With just a few more days in the month of May I decided to check in with my goals and do a little update. They aren’t earth shattering goals but every little change is a move in the right direction.

  1. Hang 5 loads of wash. First I need to clear out the clutter from around the drying rack. *** I’ve hung to dry four loads so far and more laundry is on the horizon because, we all know, laundry is never really done. 
  2. Camp out 1 night. I am a firm believer that the more time we spend outdoors the more appreciation we have for nature and the more inspired I am to be practically waste free. *** I am hoping the weather will cooperate this weekend. Fingers crossed!
  3. Plant more vegetables: tomatoes, lettuce, more carrots, broccoli. ***Planted and growing! I can’t wait for some fresh vegetables from the garden!
  4. Go 20 days free of paper towels. I try really hard to skip the paper towels and I am usually good about it but a goal should help. *** I will be close to making this goal but I had some kitchen nastiness to clean up as I was making lunch today and I reached for the paper towels. I need to put a bowl of cloths where the paper towels sit so it is actually easier to reach for reusable cloths than paper towels.
  5. 20 chocolate free days. Chocolate is a big vice and because we have to be strictly dairy free it isn’t something I can buy in bulk. It is time to seriously reduce the chocolate and associated waste!! ***I am on a chocolate-free streak! I anticipate totally rocking this goal!
Goals Update

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