At Random

  1. It is that time of year where We come home from the farmers market with arm loads of fresh, juicy fruits and crunchy vegetables. We came home with strawberries, cherries, snap peas, turnips, and carrots. A tasty time of year to be sure!
  2. I am nearly done knitting my first sock, I just have to knit in the heel. I know it isn’t for everyone, but I hope to one day have a mostly homemade wardrobe.
  3. I recently saw photos from the Galápagos Islands. So many amazing creatures from crabs and sea lions to turtles and finches. Each one another reason to keep our oceans plastic free and to reduce our waste!
  4.  I have fallen off the decluttering wagon and need to get back on. We always have guests in December and a flurry of cleaning up beforehand. I hope to avoid that this year by having less stuff to clean.
  5. Just as there are organizations that hope to get a book into the hands of every child (love this!) I think every child should get a packet of seeds to plant. I love seed packets, they are like little packets of possibility and hope.

Have a lovely weekend!

At Random

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