Practically Waste Free Actions

  1. Made homemade tortillas for dinner the other night. No plastic bag and much tastier.
  2. Have been enjoying overnight oats for breakfast the past few mornings. I buy large quantities of oats (not package-free but the best I can do at the moment) so my overnight oats involve much less packaging than boxed cereal and fills me up until lunch.
  3. Trying apple cider vinegar for deoderant. So far it seems to do the trick, but we shall see as the weather gets warmer.
  4. Used a basting brush to grease my cookie sheets instead of a paper towel. Now we have homemade cookies for a package-free dessert!
  5. Picked up 2 more free flower pots. I plan to pull the mint from my vegetable garden and plant it in a flower pot (never plant mint unless you want large quantities of it taking over your garden!).
Practically Waste Free Actions

2 thoughts on “Practically Waste Free Actions

  1. Great tips! I’d love to know how you get on with the cider vinegar… I’m still trying to find a natural deodorant that I can rely on during the summer 😎 xx


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