Tomorrow I will post an update on how I did with my May goals but I thought it best to get going on my June goals. I found having some concrete goals, like 20 paper towel free days,  really made it easier than deciding I would just use “less” paper towels.

  • Make 2 batches of homemade strawberry freezer jam.
  • Line dry 15 loads of wash.
  • Figure out an easy, practically waste free hummus recipe. I have been buying store bought hummus but we can’t even recycle the plastic tubs anymore. Too much waste,  time to make my own!
  • Make 4 cloth snack bags for trips. On a recent trip to a park, enjoying the beautiful views and wildlife, I couldn’t help but think how prepackaged snacks and the waste they produce is rather anti-nature.
  • Figure out a replacement for shampoo. Baking soda/vinegar is probably the first thing I will try.
  • Make 6 loaves of homemade bread for lunches/sandwiches/toast.
  • Camp out one night.

Do you have any waste free goals for June?


4 thoughts on “Goals

  1. Nadine says:

    I like how you keep track of your progress! It’s always nice to look back to the “beginning” and compare it to how far you’ve come and what you have changed.

    I recently achieved one goal I had for a while, which was making your own body lotion: check! Another thing I am looking into is more eco-friendly or waste-free beauty products; I have been experimenting with DIY blush, and I’m on search for a better mascara alternative. I’m not at “make-up free” yet, so unfortunately that industry is not very plastic free.

    Good luck with your goals!


  2. Jay says:

    Fun to follow your progress!
    Check out Alton Brown’s “turbo hummus” recipe. Super easy. We just get at the deli counter [in our own container], though…
    Good luck.


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