May Goals Review

Back in early May I made some concrete goals for myself in the quest for a practically waste free life. Below is an update on my successes and failures.

  1. Hang 5 loads of wash. First I need to clear out the clutter from around the drying rack. ***Shamefully, I didn’t clear out the clutter, but I did hang 5 loads of wash. I will call that a success!***
  2. Camp out 1 night. I am a firm believer that the more time we spend outdoors the more appreciation we have for nature and the more inspired I am to be practically waste free. ***Fail on this goal due to weather and schedule. Will do better in June!***
  3. Plant more vegetables: tomatoes, lettuce, more carrots, broccoli. ***The garden is planted and growing. I have plans to add more in the coming week or two. Success!***
  4. Go 20 days free of paper towels. I try really hard to skip the paper towels and I am usually good about it but a goal should help. ***I was really close on this goal and I found myself reaching for washable cloths 99.9% of the time. I am still not 100% free of paper towels but getting there. I would call this a success!***
  5. 20 chocolate free days. Chocolate is a big vice and because we have to be strictly dairy free it isn’t something I can buy in bulk. It is time to seriously reduce the chocolate and associated waste!! ***Shockingly I made it! Now that the habit is broken I am trying to stay strong and stay away from the chocolate. Not only did I cut down on the waste but I am consuming less sugar. Definite success!***
May Goals Review

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