Reducing The Plastic In My Life

I am not a fan of plastic, to say the least. It doesn’t biodegrade, it is polluting our waterways, and it isn’t repairable. Do I have plastic in my house and in my life? I do. I have plastic spray bottles with homemade cleaner (vinegar and water), Legos (okay, not mine, but they are in my house), frozen vegetables bought in plastic, etc. Slowly I plan to phase out the plastic in our lives but I’m not running out to replace my plastic soap dish with a wooden one or to replace my plastic spray bottle with glass? Why? Because the things that I have that are plastic still work and the most “green” purchase you can make is no purchase at all. I will do my best to make a non-plastic purchase if the item does need replacing in the future.

A few ways I have reduced my plastic use are

  1. I have a wooden comb and brush. They work great with my big mop of hair and have held up far better than my previous plastic set.
  2. I have a couple of glass straws and I never buy the plastic ones. They work great and are fairly easy to clean.
  3. My kids almost always used small metal cups with a handle and no lid. Did they occasionally get dumped on the floor? Sure. But they were quick to learn how to drink out of it without spilling and it kept my cupboards clear of piles of sippy cups.
  4. I bring my own bag to the store or refuse a bag and carry an armload of stuff precariously out to the car and hope I don’t drop it. I also bring my own bags/basket to the farmers market. They usually even discount my purchase a few cents.
  5. I have started using a damp tea towel over bowls in the fridge when plastic wrap might otherwise be used (covering bread dough or a large bowl of pasta salad, etc.) and it seems to do the trick of keeping in moisture.

I have a LONG way to go before I can consider myself plastic free but I am working at it each day. When I am out on the water and see plastic floating around me I know it is worth the effort.



Reducing The Plastic In My Life

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