June Goals – Halfway Point

A brief update on my June goals:

  • Make 2 batches of homemade strawberry freezer jam. **Have the recipe and the pectin, just need the berries**
  • Line dry 15 loads of wash. **4/15 washes line dried**
  • Figure out an easy, practically waste free hummus recipe. I have been buying store bought hummus but we can’t even recycle the plastic tubs anymore. Too much waste, time to make my own! **Have the recipe and ingredients. Hoping to make that in the next day or two.**
  • Make 4 cloth snack bags for trips. On a recent trip to a park, enjoying the beautiful views and wildlife, I couldn’t help but think how prepackaged snacks and the waste they produce is rather anti-nature. **Ended up sewing some pajamas and helping my kids with seeing projects on the machine.**
  • Figure out a replacement for shampoo. Baking soda/vinegar is probably the first thing I will try. **No progress yet.**
  • Make 6 loaves of homemade bread for lunches/sandwiches/toast.**3/6 loaves made. Always a treat!**
  • Camp out one night. **Camped out twice to beat the heat!**
June Goals – Halfway Point

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