At Random

  1. We have been enjoying some cool weather this week and Mother Nature has kindly taken over watering the garden. We picked our first snap peas and a handful of blueberries so far. Something has sprouted that is either cauliflower or a weed; will let it grow bigger and find out.
  2. I am thinking about getting a safety razor. I loathe the plastic and cost of cartridge razors. Interestingly we live in a house old enough to have a slot in the back of the medicine cabinet where you would drop your old blades into the wall (I suppose that means there is a pile of metal blades in my bathroom wall but I try not to think about that too much.)
  3. We planted some butterfly friendly seeds in some free planters put out by a neighbor. She even left the potting soil in from whatever she was growing in there. Sprinkle seeds, add water, wait for butterflies.
  4. We have some room painting plans for the summer. We have a lot of paint supplies that we reuse over and over but any tips would be appreciated!
  5. Waste Free and Food Waste FAIL. I bought vegan broccoli soup in an aseptic carton for lunch the other day. The only saving grace was that I can recycle the packaging but total food waste fail because it was horrid. A karmic kick-in-the-pants reminder to make it from scratch and skip the packaging.
  6. This!
At Random

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