Practically Waste Free Actions

  1. I donated a pair of glasses that no longer work for me. I remember how amazing it was when I received my first pair of glasses and how I could finally see what everyone else could. I’m happy to help someone else have the same experience and am grateful for the people who are able to rework my old glasses to help someone else see clearly.
  2. I am reading through a series of books and can’t find some of them online through my library. I found one of the series in the used book sale at the library today. After I read it I can donate back.
  3. I have been enjoying homemade bread for lunch all week. So tasty and packaging free.
  4. I bought bulk rice. It isn’t packaging free but one 25 lb bag of rice is a lot less packaging than the smaller bags at the grocery store. I am also holding on to the bag for the moment. It seems rather sturdy so I am pretty sure I can figure out a way to reuse it.
  5. I donated a carton of soup to a local food bank. After my last experience I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to be my cup of tea so I donated instead of risking the waste.
Practically Waste Free Actions

4 thoughts on “Practically Waste Free Actions

  1. Jennifer C says:

    I believe at my library you can request they buy books you want to read that they don’t have. I also have heard that some libraries have a program set up that they will borrow books from other libraries if they don’t have books someone would like.


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