This weekend was Father’s Day and I tried to make the celebration as practically waste free as possible. Our celebration was just immediate family and we tend to keep things pretty low key anyway, so low key holidays are our norm. A couple of ways to make celebrating as practically as waste free as possible are:

  1. The gift of food. We picked a favorite dinner and a favorite desert and made those as part of the gift. These were simple foods made from scratch.
  2. We made cards with supplies we already had (which means paper, glue, pens, etc.). If you have youngish kids, I am betting they will make you a steady supply of cards.
  3. A phone call is a great gift. Most people I know love a phone call, especially if there are young nieces and nephews or grandkids involved. Nothing better than hearing a little one show off their counting or sing happy birthday.
  4. Buy local. We did purchase a couple of small items, locally made. They were gift wrapped in our own homemade wrapping paper (again paper and some simple art supplies are all that is needed). Often we use cloth gift bags but the items were quite small, and the artwork on the paper was part of the gift.
  5. If you live nearby (or the celebration is in your immediate family) spend the day together or plan a fun project at home to do together.

Was our celebration completely waste free? No. But it was just right for where we are in our waste free journey.


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