No Replacement Needed

Often when we start something new, a new diet or exercise habit, the first thing we do is shop. We buy new food, new workout gear, an exercise playlist, a blender, etc.

When we start a new diet we become obsessed with replicating what we are used to. When I became vegetarian I initially ate a lot of faux meat products (which is funny because I have never liked the taste or texture of meat), when I was briefly gluten free I immediately tried to make bread, cookies, biscuits, even pizza crust.

Starting a waste free lifestyle can mean buying or making cloth napkins, bulk bags, jars, new ingredients, and more. It can be decision fatigue. So here are a few things you won’t need to shop for or find a replacement for, just let them go.

Gum I am a reformed gum chewer. As a kid I bought Big League Chew (a questionable product for kids, don’t you think?), bubble gum, gum balls, you name it. Then I found out it is plastic. Yuck!

Cotton swabs You really aren’t supposed to put things in your ears anyway (my doctor always said nothing smaller than your elbow).

Dryer sheets I haven’t used these in years. I find that the more natural fibers we wear, the less static cling. Also, they coat the lint trap of your dryer and cause your dryer to be less efficient (they also coat your cloth diapers and make those less efficient too … not good!).

Straws Plastic straws are at every coffee shop, restaurant, food stand, and fast food joint. And they are turning up in our lakes, rivers, oceans, and on our beaches. Ditch the plastic straw and drink from your reusable drink receptacle of choice.

What have you given up and not replaced?


No Replacement Needed

4 thoughts on “No Replacement Needed

  1. One time recently I bought an empty plastic tub to keep nuts etc in. Afterwards I thought, how ridiculous – at least buy a container with some nice food in, so you enjoy the food and have the container too! obvious really! 🙂

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