Five Travel Improvements

I won’t go into all of the ways our trip was NOT waste free, but I thought I would share some goals to work toward for our next trip.

  1. Large jug for water to refill stainless water bottles. We spent long days in the heat so this would have been really helpful.
  2. Portable, waste free snacks. Fruit (we had bananas) is always a good option but need to work on some higher protein snacks and granola bars.
  3. I wrapped our forks, knives, spoons in a cloth napkin. Creating clean and dirty bags for these would keep things more organized.
  4. We generally take stainless steel pie plates to use as plates when we are traveling. They are great because they contain the food well with their higher sides, which means fewer messes. Again, I usually wrap them in a dish towel to keep clean. A bag would keep things more organized.
  5. A travel list! I plan on making a travel checklist that I can refer to whenever we travel. I usually make one for each trip but a master list would keep me organized and hopefully prevent me from forgetting important items again.
Five Travel Improvements

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