I spent a chunk of this weekend painting my stairway. I’m not sure the last time it was painted but the walls/ceiling were Grunge White and the trim is a School Cafeteria Beige. Not my cup of tea! So we are painting.

Now, I wish I could say this was a waste free project but, let’s be honest, there is hardly a home improvement project that doesn’t generate some waste.

My goal is to be judicious in what I use and how I use it to minimize waste. For example:

  • Clean brushes instead of sticking them in a plastic bag until the second coat. This saves a plastic bag and keeps dried bits of paint from getting on your wall.
  • To protect a roller between coats I use an old food-related plastic bag (bread bag, etc.) turned inside out because, honestly I have yet to clean a roller and have it be usable again.
  • Paint as much at one time as possible. This prevents repeated cleanups and possibly having to get new supplies (see cleaning rollers above).
  • Skip the blue tape. I used a small amount of blue tape to cover the stair treads in paper but we are free handing the cutting in.
  • Keep what works. We have a lot of painting projects coming up because this is an old house with rooms that haven’t seen fresh paint in ages. I am keeping track of what works, keeping open mind to try new waste -saving ideas (please speak up if you have any), and doing my best to create as little waste as possible. Progress not perfection!



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