I read an article recently (the title/link, etc., escapes me at the moment. If you recognize it please throw a link up in the comments!) that said we should make the outside our living room and not treat “going outside” like a special occasion.

I love this idea. I remember as a kid taking a book out to read in my favorite tree or sitting on the dock during vacation with a favorite book.  Now I like to knit, sew, read, and write outside. A few great reasons to enjoy your outside living

  • Snack messes are easier to clean up.
  • The lighting is probably better.
  • Marker or paint on the grass … It won’t stain.
  • Make a little Vitamin D while you read.

How do you incorporate the outside into your every day?


2 thoughts on “Inside/out

  1. Marion says:

    I live on my screen porch in the summer. It’s like adding another room to the house. Meals, reading, entertaining, and watching the critters go by or the sun coming up. Love it.


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