Beat The Heat


We have been experiencing some summer heat this week (hot, not scorching!) and it got me thinking of a few ways we have kept cool, now and in the past, without air conditioning.

Shut it up. Shut the front blinds to keep the afternoon sun from heating up the house.

Bucket time. Fill a bucket with cool water and soak your feet. It is amazing how delightful this can be! Bonus points for pairing with an iced beverage and a good book

Wear a hat. Skin concerns aside, keeping the sun from directly roasting your head keeps you cooler.

Window fan. I grew up with a window fan in my room that I loathed. It was heavy and noisy and I don’t like fans blowing on me. Imagine my surprise when a small window fan at the top of my stairs does an amazing job of cooling off my house. My house isn’t painted rainbow stripes and I own a window fan … Kid-me is sadly shaking her head at what I’ve become.

Shade. This is a totally obvious one but a sun umbrella or a nice shade tree is incredibly cooling.

Evening out. Sleep out in your tent.

Early bird. Do outside work or play in the morning and keep out of the direct sun in the afternoon.

How do you stay cool with or without air conditioning?

Go underground. Spend some quality time cleaning out your basement. It is guaranteed to be cooler downstairs.

Beat The Heat

2 thoughts on “Beat The Heat

  1. Deborah Ray says:

    Ok, so I do rely on A/C during the summer heat but try to keep the thermostat to just barely in our comfort zone. Then we have ceiling and box fans to help cool us off further. Keeping the A/C on means not using the oven and trying not to cook anything on the stove that takes too long. (This is where having a microwave would pay off, but the last one broke and really disappointed me.) Also, our clothes dryer is in the house and heats the place up too, so I try to hang dry our clothes when possible.

    As far as being out and about, the number one thing of course is to stay hydrated. And if it’s humid, keep a bandana or small towel to wipe off any excess sweat and cool better naturally.

    When more reasonable fall weather comes around, I definitely need to plant more shrubs around the house though, to block more of the sun in the non-tree-shaded areas.

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