At Random

  1. We saw the most amazing sunset tonight. A nice reminder to get out and see more sunsets!
  2. I am debating buying some reusable snack and sandwich bags, or sewing them. My sewing skills aren’t stellar but I largely want plain cloth bags, so maybe I’ll make a trial bag.
  3. We bought a large quantity of purple string beans at the market. While tasty raw, I was worried we weren’t eating them fast enough so I roasted some for dinner and they turned green. Tasty and fascinating.
  4. Received a giant, unsolicited IKEA catalog today. Online I found a way to subscribe to their catalog but not unsubscribe, so I sent an email. I wish unsubscribing was as automated as subscribing.
  5. I have leftover risotto in my fridge and just saw a recipe for fried breaded risotto. I am thinking of trying it baked. I usually just eat leftover risotto cold.
At Random

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