Practically Waste Free Actions

  1. We camped in the backyard two night to beat the heat. By morning it was so cool we were all snuggled in our sleeping bags.
  2. I cooked in the toaster oven instead of the big oven.
  3. We ate leftovers.
  4. I sorted and donated a few bags of outgrown kid clothes, as well as kitchen utensils that never returned to use after we painted the cupboards last year.
  5. I am scouring the house for the bits and pieces I need to make Halloween costumes. I did buy yarn to make parts of the two costumes but one item can be reworn as is for cold weather and the other can always be ripped out and re-knit into something else. Everything else I am, so far, having luck finding right at home.


Practically Waste Free Actions

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