At Random

  1. We emptied the dining room of nearly everything so we could paint the ceiling. I like the room so much better with so little in it that I think most of the stuff will need to find a new home. Perhaps painting is the way to clear out what is no longer useful.
  2. I made pizza dough yesterday and let it rise once on the counter then stuck it in the fridge. We didn’t have time to make pizza last night (see #1) so it sat in the fridge and rose again. I was worried it would be flat when we baked it up tonight but it was crisp and perfect.
  3. When polyester fleece is washed it releases micro plastics that end up in our water. Do I stop using the fleece I have and, if so, do I get rid of it? Wash the fleece less and use it until it is unusable? Anybody have an answer??
  4. We are getting a new-to-us piano tomorrow. So excited!
  5. I have a stack of cookbooks in the living room (again see #1) that I plan to go through and keep only the ones that I use for 5 or more recipes.
At Random

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