Trip Successes

imageWe were recently on the road for about 5 days and I was striving for some waste free successes. Two nights were in hotels and 3 were in a kitchen-less cabin. A few ways we worked to reduce our waste:

  1. When we ate out we ordered dishes to share and left very little behind.
  2. We brought our camp stove and cooked out all but two dinners. We also used it to heat water to make coffee in our French press. The coffee was transferred to travel mugs for consumption. There is really nothing better than making coffee outside in the morning.
  3. We brought reusable plates, bowls, and silverware (the plates are actually stainless steel pie plates). We drank water out of stainless steel water bottles.
  4. Each day I brought a bag with lunch food and assembled lunch at our destination. Kids used reusable containers to eat out of and I just ate my sandwich out of hand (we are super fancy in case you couldn’t tell).
  5. We washed up dishes in our room/cabin and dried them using the cloth dish towels I brought with us.

There are certainly things we can work on to reduce waste when traveling (and yes, traveling itself is not waste free)  but that is a post for another time.


Trip Successes

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