Happy Things


  1. It is Fall, which means I can pull out my warm, cozy clothes.
  2. I am playing the piano again after a decade or two without. I am no concert pianist but am loving being able to play again.
  3. I have been enjoying a meal plan that I put together. Each night of the weekend has a designation (pizza Saturday, pancakes on Friday, leftovers on Thursday, pasta on Wednesday, soup or casserole on Tuesday, bean burgers on Monday, soup or casserole on Sunday) and I pick from a few recipes based on what needs eating. So far it is working better than more specific plans I have tried in the past.
  4. I made a Chickpea and Broccoli Casserole from Vegan With A Vengeance that reminded me a bit of my mom’s Chicken Divane casserole that I enjoyed as a kid. Definitely hit the comfort-food spot!
  5. My compost bin contents appear to be composting. I know this is totally the point and should come as no surprise, but I apparently needed physics proof.


Happy Things

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