Baby Steps

Some days I feel well on my way to living practically waste free and others, like today, I do not.

All day I had been looking forward to making the Chickpea and Broccoli Casserole from Vegan With a Vengeance.

This afternoon I cut up the vegetables and cooked the chickpeas so that assembly would be a quick running of ingredients through a food processor before mixing and baking in the oven. I was feeling prepared and looking forward to dinner.

Sadly, a piece of my food processor bowl broke off while I was processing and I didn’t realize until I had mixed all of the ingredients. Instead of risking eating bits of ground plastic I had to bin the whole lot and we had baked beans and rice for dinner.

The motor is still good so I think I will probably buy a new work bowl for the processor. I use it on a regular basis and am not sure what plastic-free alternative there is out there.

It’s all about baby steps. Some days you are moving in the right direction and some days you are just hoping your feet are still pointed in the right direction.

Baby Steps

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