At Random

  1. We replaced the spindle on our food processor. It had become worn enough that the blade would slip when in use. It required brute force, a saw, a 2 X 4, etc., but the job is done and we are back in business. The bowl is also cracked in several spots and, while I was continuing to use it, a piece broke off in dinner one night, so I bought a replacement. Not perfectly waste free but it keeps the motor out of the landfill.
  2. We are adding leaves to our compost and it all seems to be composting. I know these updates are scintillating but I am fascinated by the process.
  3. I voted already and it felt good! Don’t take for granted your right to vote, it is a powerful thing.
  4. I love apple season. Nice crisp apples from the market! Delicious!
  5. Pumpkin carving day is almost here. I can’t wait to roast the seeds! We bought our lovely, locally grown pumpkins from a small farm that had also grown a 300 lb pumpkin. Truly amazing!

Happy Monday!

At Random

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