Practically Waste Free Actions

  1. I replaced the flapper in the toilet tank. While I have to throw out the old flapper and the new one had packaging, it does save us plenty of water. I am curious when I see a year’s worth of trash in a mason jar and you never see toilet or faucet repair parts in there. Am I missing something?
  2. Our furnace has kicked on a handful of times even set at 61 degrees but I am wearing a beautiful hand knit birthday scarf around the house and keeping warm.
  3. We have been using our gas fireplace to heat the room we are in most of the time. The fan is noisy so I have never been one to turn it on, but when the technician told us how much heat we were wasting by leaving it off, well, I have been dealing with the additional noise.
  4. It has been a bit since I posted so I will throw this one out there: we ate Thanksgiving dinner 3 days in a row in order to eat it all up (Do not take this as a complaint! I love Thanksgiving leftovers more than the original meal).
  5. I am reading through some books that I own with plans to donate them to the local library or putting them in a neighborhood Little Library.
Practically Waste Free Actions

Beat The Heat


We have been experiencing some summer heat this week (hot, not scorching!) and it got me thinking of a few ways we have kept cool, now and in the past, without air conditioning.

Shut it up. Shut the front blinds to keep the afternoon sun from heating up the house.

Bucket time. Fill a bucket with cool water and soak your feet. It is amazing how delightful this can be! Bonus points for pairing with an iced beverage and a good book

Wear a hat. Skin concerns aside, keeping the sun from directly roasting your head keeps you cooler.

Window fan. I grew up with a window fan in my room that I loathed. It was heavy and noisy and I don’t like fans blowing on me. Imagine my surprise when a small window fan at the top of my stairs does an amazing job of cooling off my house. My house isn’t painted rainbow stripes and I own a window fan … Kid-me is sadly shaking her head at what I’ve become.

Shade. This is a totally obvious one but a sun umbrella or a nice shade tree is incredibly cooling.

Evening out. Sleep out in your tent.

Early bird. Do outside work or play in the morning and keep out of the direct sun in the afternoon.

How do you stay cool with or without air conditioning?

Go underground. Spend some quality time cleaning out your basement. It is guaranteed to be cooler downstairs.

Beat The Heat